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Take a few minutes to check out our Batik BOM the next time you are in the shop. This is one we have done in the past and it really makes a beautiful quilt.  

Here is how it  works. Each month you will receive your fabric and a block pattern. You will get enough fabric to make nine 6 1/2"  blocks .  Each block has two contrasting fabrics.  Make the nine blocks and then join them together to create an 18 1/2" square. The finished quilt measures approximately 74" X 79".

The BOM will run for 12 months.  The Cost is $14.50 a month which includes the finishing kit.  The finishing kit has 2 yards of  fabric for the sashing and binding (your choice of fabric), 50 - 2 1/2" x 22" strips for the piano key borders,  setting squares for the corners and the finishing instructions.  You will receive the finishing kit  when you pick up your 12th block. 
Quilting bees may have been one of the first social networks.  Ladies just like you got together around tables like these and shared stories. Join a class and make some new friends.  We have a new Learn to Quilt Class which runs for four weeks.  Check the class page for more information.  We also offer a follow up class which will teach you some addidional things like how to make cornerstones, miter corners on the borders and more. Our methods and tools have changed a bit from this photo but it's still a great hobby.  Stop in to see our sample and get signed up for class.


Thank you to all who have stopped by and written to give us your best wishes.   As I said, over the next couple of months we will be having sales on all of our fabric, books, patterns and notions. We hope you will come in and take advantage of our sales and help us reduce our inventory. We would like to head north in late August. Stop in, items added to sale list every day.

For those of you who have quilts in the shop for quilting, Denise is still on schedule and will continue to work from her home after August. You can contact her at 813-622-9807 or via email at

Our plan remains to transition to an on-line store after the move and be a vendor at a few quilt shows throughout the year. We currently have an on-line store ( as well as a site on ebay (quiltersquarters13). We hope you will continue to visit us there in the future.

Get the best of sewing and quilting with the Eversewn Sparrow QE. Creativity lies at your fingertips with an intuitive control panel where you can choose over 70 stitch patterns for your projects. 
A sleek design and superior stitch quality is paired with handy features. The 8" sewing throat enables easy maneuvering of large projects. An advanced knee lift system assists you to keep hands on your project at all times.  Features such as the thread cutter and speed control make this a dream. 


The Sparrow X is a revolutionary embroidery and sewing machine controlled with your Android or Apple smart device. Connect to the Apple EverSewn Pro and you will not be confined to a tiny sewing machine screen. With a built in WI-FI connection, you can monitor the current embroidery progress without being in front of your machine. Hoop your project, press start and stay to watch the flawless stitch quality, or step away and monitor embroidery progress on your smart device. Easily remove the embroidery are to transform the X into a normal sewing machine equipped with 120 stitch patterns, automatic threading, a built in thread cutter and more.  

Welcome to our retirement party

 July 1st - Aug 31st
10 AM - 3 PM Mon-Sat

All 44" bolt fabric on sale for $6.50 a yard (1 yard min.)

Wide backs - 45% off (1 yd min.)

All notions on our notion wall - 50% off 

Books and patterns - 45% off

  We have one Eversewn QE and two Eversewn X Embroidery machines on sale. Stop in for GREAT pricing!
We even have a deal that includes a sewing table.